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It’s a brand new week, no matter what happened last week, here is another fresh opportunity to try again. making it to the top is never an easy task, it involves lot and lots of try and error technique. As I sat, thinking on what I will publish this Monday as “food for thought” this week for our good content viewers on My Woven Words, I remembered what happened many years back when I was still in secondary school.
Our geography lecturer took us all on a field trip to Idanre hill, in Ondo state. By nature, I’m a Batophobic in nature, the 660 steps to the hill didnt give me problem as I wasn’t seeing far distance to the ground while climbing.
Trips to Owa’s Palace, shrines, Old court, Belfry, Thunder water(Omi Aopara) and burial mounds and grounds was fun. Going to Agboogun footprint was the most challenging day of the Field trip, The myths, mysteries and legends about the Agboogun footprint made me look forward to visiting the controversial place. It was said that a very powerful hunter named Agboogun stamped his footprint on the “igneous-hard” hill, and any suspected evil doer were taken there and asked to put their foot on the footprint. if the foot of the suspect size the footprint, it means the person is not guilty of any accused offense but if otherwise, the suspect is guilty. this made me very curious despite our teacher’s warning about how steep the way to the footprint is.
I went there due to my curious mind but for the next one week, I was describing the trip as hell on earth to everyone that asked.

Just like me, when you’ve not overcome your fear(s), you tend to qualify how risky, hard, dangerous and impossible it(they) really seem(s).
As you go this week, I want you to go with the mindset that it is simpler than it seems. The moment a task looks very big in your mind, you are already telling yourself: I might not accomplish this task and you probably may not.
Don’t exaggerate it, you can do it, take a deep breath, tell yourself: “yes I can” , and you will.
do it with gusto, put all your energy and mind into how easy it is. think only of your success.
Remember that “tough time never last, but tough people do”

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