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She can’t love you
Like I will always do
I know you are dying
Your eyes says you are fading
When last did you smile?
She can’t put a smile on your face
She can’t make your heart race
While shivering she can’t cuddle
Nor burn night candle
In your personal affairs she can’t meddle.
Do you think about her always?
For I’m always on your mind
Your touch she can’t endure in the shower
She left in your darkness hour
She can’t ever please you
Only me can tame you.
She can’t dance to your tune
Because am your muse.
Does she know about the locket?
The one around your neck
There were two of a kind.
You Can’t adore her
Because she’s not me.

By Adegbite
About Me  
As a Poet, I don’t
want anything but a place in everyone’s heart.
  Love you all

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