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Before my eyes a dark abyss,
And its depths so entrancing
That I could not move.
No, I did not want to move.
My emotions playing a dangerous game
As I stepped into the darkness,
Its icy arms wrapped around me,
Swallowing me whole.
It did not take a while to know
That this could now be my home.
For in here I do not feel pain or hurt,
Neither do I yearn for love or lust.
The abyss pulled me in further,
Dragging me into its deepest depths
Taking me to its darkest ends.
And all the while the shrill voices in my head screaming:
” The darkness cannot give you comfort. “
But why does it feel so good, so right?
There has been no comfort above too.
I desire a place where I cannot feel.
For the emotions that tug at me,
The feelings that bite through me,
They would kill me slowly.
Now should they ever resurface,
I will be in the deepest ends of the darkness
Where the pain cannot reach me.
So in the abyss I drift off to sleep,
Hoping for the day when I will get pulled back up.

By Tammy Lawal

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