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The Golden
 was the fleece of the golden ram
that was held in Colchis,
and the object of desire for Jason,
who organised an expedition with the Argonauts in
order to retrieve it.
The myth has it
that Athamas,
king of the city of Orchomenos, married the goddess Nephele,
with whom he had two children, Phrixus and Helle.
Later, he took Ino as
his second wife, who hated her stepchildren and plotted to kill them. She would
have succeeded, but at the last second, Nephele sent
a flying golden ram to save her children from their stepmother. She then told
her children not to look down while the ram was flying. However, Helle looked
down, felt dizzy and fell into the part of the sea that took her name,
Hellespont. The ram and Phrixus eventually
reached Colchis,
where the boy was warmly welcomed by the king, AeetesPhrixus gave
the golden
 of the ram as a gift to the king,
grateful for his hospitality. Aeetes placed
the golden
 in a garden which was guarded by
a never sleeping dragon. Jason later
arrived in Colchis,
and after successfully completing the three tasks that Aeetes had
given to him, he retrieved the golden

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