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Am a low-key kinda person I don’t like attention like that I’m seen as a quiet somebody
I really want to be this kinda person that ain’t known personal but my books are speaking for me
 I want to be this person they want to know
 Yess but currently I’m more better at words than action
[8/23, 11:33 PM] My Life ???: Wish I was as hard working as I want to see myself
[8/23, 11:33 PM]  My Life  ???: Wish I could be the change I dream of
[8/23, 11:33 PM]  My Life  ???: Or I could make my dreams come alive
[8/23, 11:34 PM]  My Life  ???: Cos everything seems so hard it feels like a fairy tale
[8/23, 11:34 PM]  My Life  ???: It feels like I can make get there but yet I have left there
[8/23, 11:34 PM]  My Life  ???: Haven’t
[8/23, 11:34 PM]  My Life  ???: ?? try so hard to change but yet am not Trying
[8/23, 11:35 PM]  My Life ???: Lol am doing poem something
[8/23, 11:36 PM]  My Life  ???: At the same it what’s I feel
[8/23, 11:36 PM]  My Life  ???: ?? yeah you know I see people that are smart envy them
[8/23, 11:37 PM]  My Life  ???: My dream is to be better than Ben Carson crazy as it sounds  m not close to it
[8/23, 11:37 PM]  My Life  ???: Yes that beautiful thing I see
[8/23, 11:38 PM]  My Life  ???: I imagine things that go on your there days after days they ask me why I think but yet I try to change everything with a blink
[8/23, 11:38 PM]  My Life  ???: Up
[8/23, 11:39 PM]  My Life  ???: Put on a fake smile and then wink but deep down I continue to sink
[8/23, 11:40 PM]  My Life  ???: Sink yet cover it up with a drink alcohol no coke hoping one day we will be woke
 People ask me why I think low of myself people ask me why I steep low maybe it’s the only way I see that feels easy for me to pass
 I try to go high buh then begin to sigh
 do I ever get to change this life I think buh then soon me and the other me sha link and then my journey shall begin
 The end ?


By A Mysterious Writer 


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