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When agent Joe came back from all his missions,
his last, actually he had thought to himself. He went straight to the only
place someone who loves family-time would want to go to; HIS FAMILY. When he
got to his father’s house, he went close to the cottage and just then he had
this weird feeling inside of him just like those instances where we imagine
that there’s an angel and a devil arguing on what decision you should make on
your left and right shoulders. Joe approached the front door cautiously as if
already told that there’s a danger inside waiting for him. When he finally got
close enough to the door, it was quiet….’ a lil bit too quiet’ he muttered
and just then he heard a ‘creek’ ‘creek’ sound coming from the inside. Joe was
frightened and yet confident at the same time he was not sure of what he was
going to face in the next second.
all confidence and effort he could gather from his moral, he pushed open the
door only to find the shock of his life; a lifeless body brutally murdered
hanging all slumped up on a see-saw chair as he use to call them when he was
little. ‘Dad?’… He called out in surprise and disbelieve, someone had just
murdered his dad just before he came in and had fled from the sight of him
approaching the cottage! Joe was confused even though dead bodies was a normal
sight due to his career as a secret agent, seeing his father’s lifeless body
just sitting or hanging there gave him a quick and deep shiver, he became weak
and fragile like a new born baby, the only thing he could see himself doing was
looking into the eyes of reality, a deep dark cloud of nothing, of no good. He
had always heard the saying; ‘you reap what you sow’… But does that apply to
the murder of his dad?..Does his dad have to suffer his own fate as an agent?
He was totally confused. So drunk in his thoughts was he, until the quiet and
gentle breeze pushed a letter stained with blood which was  pinned to his father’s chest by a pocket knife.
‘The murderer had left a clue’… He thought, standing up, he went for the note
and read with high disbelieve. On the front page of the letter was the
inscription with blood and ink; “THE
He moved back in disbelieve and sat on the floor starring
back into infinity and thinking about how things had gotten to this stage! His
arch nemeses were back on his trail again!
Agent Joe left the room where he had stare at his
father for endlessly for what seemed to be hours. He left the room uncertain of
what to actually do; all he had in mind was that someone had to die to make him
feel better from the shock of his father’s death. He went down town to a café
to take some lunch; he hadn’t eaten since he had arrived at his father’s house
in the morning. When he got to the café, it was somewhat empty except for some
gamblers who sat at a corner of the room playing jackpot games, puffing
cigarettes and having rounds of beers. ‘jingles’ goes the door bell when he
stepped into the café and to his surprise, every one’s eye was fixed on him as
if he was being expected. He went straight to the order table to get some drink
for himself since he waiters and waitresses just stood there looking at him
astonished, although the waitresses were looking at him because he was very
attractive of a man, tall, muscular, had long hair like that of woman. Agent
Joe was a man to die for, actually every single lady who stood by him all his
life time till his father’s death ended up dying because everywhere he went,
troubled follows him. He sat down for a cold cup of beer and was actually
enjoying the drink cowboy style, despite the creepy eyes spying at him. Just
then, he heard some noise behind the door of the counter where he was
drinking….’thieves’ he murmured, it wasn’t a new thing for thieves to invade a
café and get their share of the price cake of money. He stood up slowly but yet
reluctantly like the way children move when their parents send them and they
don’t want to go for the errand in which there were sent for. He opened the
door to find some gang of thieves which he had guessed right trying not to
steal money this time but, demanding something more minute…’where is he?’..they
asked a waitress which was already almost dead in fear, quickly, he stepped
back and lean on the wall close to the door, thoughts came in and out of his
mind like a high way of cars, could this be his father’s murders?.. where they
back to kill him too?…’only one way to find out’..He muttered. ‘Bang’ the
door fled open and the gang of thieves got startled, ‘looking for me?’.he asked
as if not already aware they were….’kid, do yourself a favor and get lost’…one
of the thieves said …’big mistake he muttered’… Agent Joe was swift fast like
lightning! He was nearly invisible even though the thieves had guns with them,
it became useless at the sight of how athletic and how martial Joe was, after
giving them a beating never to forget, he let them go and not hand them over to
the police because, he too was a criminal on the loose, in all the western
countries he had operated, Cops, FBIs and many crime control agencies are looking
for him.
When he let them go, one of them said to him…’do
you know what you have done? THE BOYS
Agent Joe ran after the criminals he had let go of
 but, could not keep up with them and
gave up the chase.
He went back to his father’s house feeling highly
frustrated and confused,  he got to his
father’s favorite ‘rocky chair’ which he had seen his dad lying lifeless
earlier. He got a cup of coffee from the dining room and sat down thinking
about his next move while taking his sip of coffee, and just then, he got up
from his ‘rocky chair’ and went straight for town without closing the door to
his father’s house. When he got to a famous street commonly known as the ‘skull
gang street’ he went for a pool room where there were rattling of bottles and
angry men which seemed to be fighting or arguing. When he opened the door, he
hesitated before stepping in because, he knew these men where more dangerous
and looked more criminal- like than him. He went to the counter to get a cup of
beer and stumbled upon what seemed to be a drunken man dead in sleep and was
saying all sorts of things. He, then sensed someone was staring at him; agent
Joe had this sixth sense scientist talked about, he knew when someone was
looking at him and when something horribly bad was about to happen. But this
time, he was glad to see who was actually staring at him, a lady; she was
dressed like a stripper, half naked as the men liked them but, she looked
innocent, like a wolf with a sheep’s clothing, she stared continuously at him without
looking away even when she had eye contact with Joe. He approached her
helplessly but cautiously because of the people in his environment.

When agent Joe got to where ‘this devil in angels
clothing’  was, he asked her to drink
with him…’sorry I don’t drink’ she replied him, agent Joe was surprised and
burst into a little laughter because he had never thought she could look for an
excuse so silly to try and get away from him.. ’What’s so funny?’ she asked, ‘nothing
just choked on some lie you told’… He got up as if he immediately loosed
interest in the idea of flirting with the girl. ’where are you going?’ she
asked and went after him, he did not answer her but went straight for the back
door, she followed him and did not stop but kept asking  …’Where are you going?’…. Agent Joe did not
answer and acted as normal as he could like he was not being questioned by
anyone. He kept heading towards the store room where beer were stored in
barrels as if looking for a clue as to how he could get in touch with his
father’s murderer…’I know who killed your dad’..She said. Immediately, Joe
stopped as if given a command to halt. He looked back and asked her…You said
what?’….she repeated her statement again….’I know who killed your dad’…agent
Joe immediately rushed towards her, grabbed her arm and moved her to a corner
of the pool room as if hiding from someone.

. . . . . . . 

To be continued next week Friday

By Joseph Jacobs
About  Me
Joseph Jacob
is a Nigerian from Kogi state born in September 9, 1998, he lives in
Kubwa-Abuja and an aspiring student to one of the best Federal Universities in
Nigeria; Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUTMINNA). He is the second
child of a family of six (6) children and the first son of the family.
He won several
awards during his Junior Secondary school days such as; best in mathematics,
best in physics and so forth. He is also an opportunistic and well devoted
person with a focus of a future where we can express ourselves and imaginations
into reality.

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