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And then, like clouds we met,
I can’t remember it all.
Not too far, just that mall.
Your height marvelled me.
Your baked face!
Glowing, gleaming, shinning!
Like striking silver linings.
Your presence encrusted my day.
Before your sharp, sunny eyes,
My sorry heart slowly melted like ice.
Reminisced on what we did together,
Will treasure them forever.
Steadily you slid in my breath.
Was lost in your world,
Like a candle lit in the noon.
In your loving arms,
I lost my self as a snowflake
In the sea.
For once you made me waver,
And craving for your love forever.

By Adegbite
About Me  
As a Poet, I don’t
want anything but a place in everyone’s heart.
  Love you all

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