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In tons, they eat and
drink up Power.
Neither sparing a drop,
nor making a stop.
With prowess they swim
like dolphins in River Power.

They grasp the breath of
life as they linger below in darkness

Bluffing in triumph over
people’s hope.
As our soul will be lost
in Elysium.
We, flies on their filthy
cattle flesh,
Without thoughts they wipe
with cruel tails.
Like smoke, we shrink into
thin air,
Back to slums, where
vultures neighbors us!
If only Wall of Wealth
never metamorphosed
Before the River of Power
on the land.
If only foot soles could
And not only with gold
encrusted soles.
Maybe our night wouldn’t
be truncated by Mosquitoes,
And our bellies won’t
rumble us to evil.
By Adegbite
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As a Poet, I don’t
want anything but a place in everyone’s heart.
  Love you all

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