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Who can ever fathom that there is anything fleshy
about the within of a coconut,
Not to talk of the exuberant whiteness
in that
brown dusty yam,
Can you fathom
the bitter sweet taste
of the bitter leaf?
Or even the thorny part of the
These are facts that confront us
more often than not
When we look and judge things
with eyes so close
On this side of eternity where
things do not appear
in their true forms
It is highly recommended we walk
If without thought,
we recklessly survey a package,
We will definitely go down with the wreckage.
Who are we? Who is a man?
What is
our true definition?
Face value, speech,
and etiquette may just be part of
the deception.
What we exist as can only find expression
as an imperfect clone
Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
The shock may not be able to be expressed
If people
So many questions that are better left unasked.
Why would we rather hurl missives
of verbal insult?
Not to talk of physical assault,
On those who have dared the
to face the light,
And consequently shaming the
Unveiling the mask and showing
their true colour.
These people should be celebrated
with accolades and glamour.
The true hero is he that admits
that he is human,
Who naturally is exposed to
faults and falls,
However, in this age of ours,
admitting to an error,
Is tantamount to facing a ban
For which you can be visited with
When will the time come, when
will it come?
When the order of the day will be openness to all and
not some When you will show your nakedness to your brother
And be quite sure you will not hear it
from another.
When will that time come,
will it ever come?
When all men will be unmasked
and transparent,
Without motives thwarted
and bent.
We long to see the coconut
without the hard bark;
We want to see the yam‘s
from afar,
We do not want to confuse the taste of the bitter
with another
Then, the best way to judge the book
will be by the
By Oso, Ibitayo Olamide



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