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Our conversation was filled with lies
You always made me look into your eyes
Must you break my heart apart?
You lie to me about your ex
While away I screenshot your text
Bluffing to your friends that am a bitch
On my body you never lay a pinch
Told them am good in giving head
Neither do I know the way to your bed
Nevertheless, am used to the way you lie
But it’s choking me, I’m about to die.
We had dinner on the table
To wipe my tears, you are not capable
You told your friends that am your first and last
Stupidly believed you that am better than the rest.
Such a coward to tell me you won’t leave
You eventually let go on Christmas Eve.
Kept repeating the word “IF”
By Adegbite
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As a Poet, I don’t
want anything but a place in everyone’s heart.
  Love you all

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