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When he is Athletic: His fragrance type should be citrus;
fresh and brisk-ascent, made from oil derived from lemon, lime, and orange.
When he is Romantic: His fragrance type should be spicy;
clove cinnamon notes may be blended with thyme, nutmeg, pepper.
When he is Earthy: His fragrance should be forest notes from
oak moss, resin from laudanum and geranium oil.
When he is Traditional: His fragrance type should be woody;
A classical scent based on woody notes such as rosewood, sandalwood and cedar
When he is Dynamic: His fragrance type should be leather; A
smoky pungent somewhat sweet scent. Very potent. Scent imparted to leather
during the tanning process. Recreated with cade and birch oils.
When he is at Work: His fragrance should be Tobacco; Dry and
mossy – balsamic nuances may be accented with tobacco or a modern blend.

When he is Individualistic: His fragrance type should be
Chypre; A complex creation originally compounded with a citrus top note and a
mossy base.   

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