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Do you ever have one of those days, the so-called ‘bad’ day
where everything you do seems to be soooooo wrong? It’s like, you are late for
a meeting, you ordered the wrong drink and your dog chewed your documents that
you are supposed to show to your boss today.
Or, you accidentally spill a cup of coffee on your brand new
The list goes on…you know what I mean by a bad day now, ya?
Well, guess what…it’s all a bunch of crap!!! 
There is no such thing as a bad day!!
You create it yourself, unconsciously…
Because you are not motivated at that time, your brain
starts to find reasons and excuses to avoid the ‘pain’.
When your mind starts to get the idea of you having a bad
day, you are programmed to have a bad day. In the end, you will not be
motivated to do anything for the rest of the day!!
You unconsciously feed the ‘bad day’ idea into your mind.
But, let us look at it from another angle on how you can be
even more motivated on a ‘Bad’ day, shall we? ☺ 
If you can control your mind to think the way you want, here
is how you should be thinking of a bad day:
Assuming you had a bad day and you accepted that it’s a bad
day after all.
But can you turn your bad day that you are having into an
ordinary day?
If you can do this, that means, on ordinary days, you can
have an amazing day!!
You are confused right?
Well, it’s actually quite simple.
You see, I will be extra motivated on a ‘Bad Day’. Why? 
Because, I know that, if I can be motivated and pull through
the bad day, that means I can have a wonderful day on normal days or tomorrow.
I won’t be bothered to try and think how to delete the bad day. But, I will try
to make the best out of the so called bad day.
I will give you a specific case. Let’s say, you accidentally
spilled coffee on your shirt. Now, you’ll probably be pissed right? Control
your emotion, and think in this way, 
‘If I can control my emotion and not be pissed even though
my shirt is all stained with coffee today, how will I feel tomorrow when my
shirt is clean all day long?’
You will not be able to do that if you are not a positive
thinker as it requires a lot of subconscious programming of your mind to look
for positive events the whole day. But, I’m sure you are a positive person that
seeks for more resources to achieve success; otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading
to this book right now. ☺
So, a bad day is actually a good day for you, because it
challenges you to have wonderful days ahead. This way, you will be motivated to
get the best out of the bad day by accepting the challenge of the bad day you
are facing. You will know that, the bad day will end eventually, and there will
be many ‘good days’ ahead waiting for you.
It goes back to the fundamentals of pain and pleasure. As
long as you can withstand the pain of a bad day, you will be able to enjoy the
pleasure of many other good days.
This method sounds very ironic, because it takes some time
to understand the concept properly. Read this chapter over again and you will
get what I’m trying to explain to you. 
This strategy uses the value of gratitude to achieve the
motivation you want to have.
Always be motivated on a bad day, as this will motivate you
to have more good days tomorrow onwards.

By Patric Chan

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