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Have you ever wondered what ladies and women look for in a man? Do you think you have all that it takes to attract any lady? You may be thinking you have all what it takes but you are yet to get the girl you prefer then maybe something is wrong somewhere.
Choosing a life partner is something we should careful do. Many ladies seek for real and true love why some ladies don’t care about anything, they just want to be in a relationship. It is without a doubt that love is the greatest values of our life. In order to settle for a better if not for the perfect man, ladies of nowadays or let me call them the modern ladies look for some qualities in men. They set some criteria a man will go into a relationship with should meet.
 Though, not all qualities can be met by any man but should be a guideline for men to look attractive to ladies. If you are single, still waiting and looking for that lady of your dreams, then the
following are some of the tips that can help you get attracted to ladies effortlessly.
Honesty is the bedrock and pillar of any relationship. Love can never exist with honesty. Ladies want an honest man. Saying this means as a man you have, to be honest about everything. Never try to hide to lie about anything. Women prefer and want to settle down with the honest man for life.
Some men don’t seem attractive to women because of low self-esteem. As a man, you need to build that feeling that makes you feel glad about your own abilities, skills, and character. Self-esteem is called ‘self-worth’ so if you have low self-esteem then you seem worthless to women.
 The level of maturity of a man is also one of the qualities women like to see in them. A woman who wants to choose a man as her life partner will look at the ability of such man to handle problems, make vital and important decisions and also the ability to overcome obstacles at any period. The wrong assumption is looking at age, let it be known to you that the number of your age does not determine maturity but experience does.
Appearance is a very important thing men should take note of, even women should take note of it too. Don’t be obsessed with your dressing or looking all in the name of appearance to attract women. Do I need to say this, take your bath frequently in order to avoid unpleasant body odour. Take note of importance things your wears, haircut, clothes, shoes and others. Your looking says a lot of things about and tells the world who you are. Women are mostly attracted by men’s looking or appearance.
Ladies dislike dull men. They don’t want to themselves with mediocre. Ladies adore men with sharper brain box, smart and high IQ. Ladies feel proud of having an intelligent man as a partner.
Reliability is also one of the major qualities ladies weigh up before choosing a life partner. Ladies
want to spend their life with a reliable person. You have to be reliable and move far away from dubious acts.
Confidence is a great trait to have for any man. It’s an inner strength that’s seen and envied by anyone you meet. A confident man is more attractive to women because he believes in himself and his abilities, and he doesn’t tuck tail and run when he knows he’s right.
There are many other things our modern ladies want in men. The following are also some of the things they also look at. – Decisiveness – Upbringing – Career

Dear readers, you can also use the comment box below to add other qualities or criteria you think our modern ladies look or want to men.

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