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Someone once said “For a soldier to win an enemy he doesn’t need a bigger gun or weapon he just needs a better strategy and training”….it is applicable in our day to day life for us to solve bigger problems we don’t need to go to a great length…All you need do is change your strategy. Your way of prayer and attitude towards the problem and you will see how little the problem will become.
   Someone once asked a young guy in his early 20s who owned the Range sport he rode and the guy replied in the affirmative that it was his. Then the man asking said you must be a yahoo boy cos you are too young to own such a car.
This is the mentality most people are living with…..The mentality that they are too young to do something or they must be old before they can get the right things done or before they can make it in life…. This is a serious problem because these words ‘I am too young’ has killed a lot of dreams and is still killing if we don’t change our mentality. Our mentality must change for our level to change… a man with the same mentality as 15years ago will not achieve more than he has achieved 15years ago…
Let’s Change our mentality to change our level.
To be continued

Victor Afolabi

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