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Memories are all I have left
Hand in hand we walked in the street.
Memories of your heart that beat alone for me
Our past hunt and aches
I lose my charm and glamour in your memories.
Crazy memories of your loving Caresses
Looking into our past, your words made me Weaver.
I remember how we loved and dared,
Memories of how you claimed to be my boyfriend
All your promises are no 
where to be found.
I gazed into your eyes, I felt the hatred.
Your face began to fade due to hatred
Memories of when I was your first priority
In mirror I caught your reflection vividly.
Memories of how we shouted at each other in public.
While in comma, I felt your warm tears on my cheeks
The flame of our love that once burned bright and gay,
Now dimmed, and fading away.
Memories of how you cuddle me while in pain.
Memories of late night parties in club.
Now we became source of tears to each other.              
 Finding it hard to move on because, my best memories were
made with you.

By Adegbite Arinola
About Me  
As a Poet, I don’t want anything but a place in everyone’s heart.
  Love you all

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IG: rinn_nah

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