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SEO or search engine
optimization is the basic and most important part of internet marketing. No
matters if you have a blog, a business website or an e-Commerce store, SEO
is equally important for every site to promote it on the internet. SEO or search
engine optimization is basically a process of ranking a site in Google for
different targeted keywords so that your site can appear in search results
whenever a user searches for your targeted keyword.
If you have got a blog or
website and want to do its SEO on your own then this article is for
you. Here I am going to explain a quick overview of
how SEO works.
Keyword Research
The first and most important
step of SEO is picking the right keyword for
your campaigns This process is also called keyword research. Most of the
success or failure of your campaign relies on this phase. Usually, people
fail in their SEO when they choose the wrong keyword and try to
rank for it.
Actually, there is no wrong
keyword in keyword research. Every keyword is rankable. However, some keywords
have higher competition and some have low competition. Being new site you don’t
have potential to rank for a high competition because your site
doesn’t have enough domain authority. So a good strategy SEO expert’s
use for their SEO campaign is targeting low competition keyword.
 This way they increase their site authority gradually and once they have
enough domain authority, they start targeting high competition keywords too.
On Page Optimization: 
On page optimization
is also a very important part of a SEO campaign.
On page optimization is basically about making a web page relevant to
your targeted keyword. Google or any other search engine always shows relevant
pages only in its search results. So making your on page relevant to
your targeted keyword is very important for a
successful SEO campaign.
Off Page Optimization: 
Off page optimization of a
website basically involves generating a backlinks of a site
on high authority sites. Backlinks are basically the most important ranking signal
which google considers ranking a website. A site
with higher number of back links ranks above than a website with low
numbers of backlinks. There are several ways to generate back
links of a website. To know more about backlink building you can
consult a good back links building guide
This is just an overview
of SEO process. To learn more about SEO you may need to consult
different SEO guides.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the basic key to becoming a good blogger

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