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Are you in a relationship and you want it to last long, or
you want to go into a relationship and you want advice on how to make a perfect
one, then i think these tips for a perfect relationship might help:
 You love
that boy, you love that girl, fine! Why don’t you just go on your kneels and
tell God about him/her. I know it sounds awkward right? Telling God about your
love life but you know What? He knows already but waiting patiently for you to
ask him to interfere before he does. Tell him you want a perfect relationship
and ask him how that can be possible. What and see, he will surprise you.
Inform that one person that you know cares about
you, wishes you the best, Godly and can advise you right. Not someone that will
insult, castigate or make you feel bad. Someone that has higher level of
thinking than you. Maybe your mum or an aunt or a senior cousin not a casual
friend. Not a casual friend because he or she does not really know much about
you, so telling such person about your life might just leave you either unhappy
or regretting. If your best friend is someone that you know by yourself that is
worth confiding in, fine you can. Also look for a Godly person that can also
pray for you.
Try to keep your relationship live as private as
possible. Don’t tell every goose and ganger, because everyone has their own
perspective about relationship which may contradict the one you build your
relationship on. So tell only a few trusted and reasonable people.
Be Matured: Not every guy or lady wants someone
that cannot handle minor issues. If you have a slight quarrel with the person,
that doesn’t mean breakup immediately or you start crying and telling everyone.
I bet it with you, if you began to tell everyone, he or she will get to know
and become unhappy which might lead to you shifting the person away. So be
careful how you handle issues with your partner. So understand that you have
your differences, understand that you were brought up with different mindset
and principle, so you can’t think alike.
Do not be too submissive: Have a say in the
relationship. Don’t be pushed around like a cow. But don’t be too bossy still.
Try to listen to what the partner has to say. Rub heads together and decide on
something. Don’t let him/her override and single handedly do everything unless
it will get to a stage he/she will be tired and bored of you

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