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Depression is a state of low mood and a version to activity
that can affect a person’s thought, behavior, feeling and sense of wellbeing.
People with depressed mood feel empty, anxious, hopeless, guilty, irritable and
angry. They mostly lose

interest in activity that are pleasurable, they
experience loss of appetite. Depression is a feature of psychiatric syndromes.
Depression may be normal temporary reaction to life events. The courses of
depression are life events; that is what has happened to a person while growing
up like rape, bullying, work stress, natural disaster, unemployment, loss of
loved ones etc. Also a person going through an abusive or uncanny relationship
may likely fall into depression. Personal factor also causes depression, like
family history, depression runs some family, and some have increased genetic
risk. The personalities of some individual make them at risk of being depressed,
especially when they have tendency to worry a lot, low self-esteem. The abuse
of drugs causes depression whether it is sedative or intoxicating. These drugs
like alcohol, cocaine etc. causes depression in most people, and causes
disorder at one point in time.

symptoms of depression can be feeling sad, hopelessness, anger, there re
physical and emotional symptoms. The emotional symptoms of depression can be
withdrawal from socializing, loss of interest in hobbies, sadness,
self-loathing etc. and the physical aspect are tiredness in the Body and mind,
muscle ache, head ache, constant fatigue etc. this symptom are to be looked out
for to help others going through this disease. Depression can cause the life of
a person going through it to be miserable because most time they don’t speak
out. The effect of this disease is very serious. It can be long term or short
term. In short term it can be weight loss, loss of appetite etc. in the long
term, it can be obese, malnutrition and the greatest effect is suicide.

best treatment for a person going through this is therapy, showing more love to
such person, having group discussion with others going through the same issue
to share their problems and help each other, regular exercise. The more severe
the depression, the more intense the treatment is likely to be. It is important
to know the type of depression one is facing. It is also important to help and
know about depression to help others that are going through this issue. The
World Health Organization has predicted that by 2030, depression will account
for the highest level of disability including any physical or mental disorder
in the world. This is known so that we can help others going through this and
help overcome them and not just depend on anti-depressant medication, Love is
to be shown to all because love conquers all. 



My name is Babatunde Adebola, a student of Bowen University, department of Mass Communication, 200 level.. feel free to drop your comment below


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