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Your passion will create your dreams.  Do you know what your passion in life is or
are you still looking for it?  If you’re
still looking, these questions will help. 
What really excites you in your life?  
What do you do that gives you so much pleasure
you loose track of time?  
What topics do you read about or see on the news
that really get you fired-up?  
What do you love doing so much you’d be willing
to do it for free?  

Action Step

Create Your Vision Statement

Super successful people have a vision of exactly what they
want their life to look like now, next year, in 5 years, 10, 20, 50 and even
100 years from now.  What kind of legacy
do you plan to leave behind?  When the world
remembers you, what do you want to be remembered for?  
Once you find your true
passion, you can grow beyond your own self-concept by creating a vision of
yourself as you choose to be.  See
yourself as already having everything you really want in your life.  See yourself pushing right through your fears
to the other side. 
Spend time dreaming and
visualizing. If you’re like super successful people, you’ve used visualizing
all your life and just didn’t label it. 
You may have called it day- dreaming and thought it was something you
shouldn’t be spending your time doing.  
As a teenager I found myself thinking about a boy I liked
before I went to sleep at night and then having a dream about him.  After this happened a few times I
experimented to see if I could influence what I wanted to dream about by
focusing on a subject before going to sleep. 
I quickly found I could also use this same process to solve problems and
achieve goals.
Super successful people have a burning desire, a
definiteness of purpose.  They take daily
steps toward turning their dreams into goals. 
Believe in yourself enough to move forward with positive
anticipation.  Be careful to only share
dreams with other visionaries. Plan dreamtime every week.  

Action Step Have a
Vision Planning Day

At least one day out of the year take a trip away from
home for the specific purpose of planning your vision for the year.  My husband and I call this our yearly
summit.  Not only is it fun, but I’ve
found that we get a much clearer idea of what we want to accomplish during the
year and how to create a plan for it’s achievement when we’re not at home.  
It’s more than just not being interrupted.  There’s something about what a change of
place does to stimulate the brain.  We
come home with a clear plan for all of our projects for the year and action
steps to take them to completion.
Here’s one of my favorite exercises for visualizing your
future I’ve been doing this for years. 
It’s my own version of Tony Robbins’ rocking chair test.  I close my eyes and see myself 5 years from
now.  I’m driving up to my dream
home.  I see the house coming into view
as I approach the driveway.  I visualize
what the air smells like and the sounds I hear as I drive up to the house.  
Do this with me now. 
You are driving up to your dream home.   
Put yourself in the picture, don’t be standing on the outside watching
yourself like a movie.  Be there now, 5
years in the future.  Where is your dream
home that you’re living in?  What is the
location or area?  Is it in the mountains,
on the ocean or desert?   What kind of
landscape?  Is it a wooded lot, desert
landscape, or tropical?  What time of
year is it?  Get out of your car and shut
the door.  What kind of car are you
driving, what color?  Are you in the
driveway or in the garage?  Where are you
coming home from?  A great vacation, work
you love, a fun activity?  
What style of house is it? 
What do you see when you first step into your home?  What’s the view out the windows? What’s going
on when you walk in?  Is it quiet and
peaceful, is your people there, how about pets? 
Who greets you?  What do you
smell?  Is there a favorite fragrance in
the air?  Is there a wonderful smell
coming from the kitchen?  What do you
hear?  Is there music playing, what
kind?  Is it the crackling of a fireplace
or possibly the sound of the ocean coming from outside?
Walk through the house; see every detail of each
room.  What kind of feeling does it give
you?  What style of furniture do you
have?  Is your house a designer showcase,
made for entertaining or comfortable and casual?  Are the floors carpeted, wood or natural
stone?  What kind of personal objects do
you see in each room?  Is there art and
collectibles from your travels?  Are
there family photos?  Do you have plants
and fresh cut flowers in your home, how about candles?
What’s your favorite room? 
Go there now and remember what you love about this room, what makes it
special?  Look all around and soak up
every detail.  What kind of seating is
there?  What do you see on the walls?  Are they painted a color or are they
white?  What kind of lighting is in the
room?  Is there bright light from
windows, soft light of table lamps or a ceiling light?  
While you’re relaxing in the comfort of your favorite
room, think about what it took for you to own this incredible home?  What do you enjoy about this house?  How do you spend your time here?  Who lives here with you?  Do you have a personal chef, a gardener or a
housekeeper?  What kind of work have you
now hired someone else to do for you?  
Go into your office. 
What do you see?  Is it big or
What kind of view does it have?  What sounds do you hear?  Is there anyone else there with you?  What are you currently working on?  Is your work area overflowing with books and
papers or is it neat and clean?  What’s
on the walls?  Family photos, vacation
pictures, awards, plaques, trophies? 
What are they from?  What have you
accomplished in the last 5 years that you are most proud of?
Now walk out into the backyard as the sun goes down.  Have a seat and relax.  What do you see?  How are you feeling?  What do you hear?  Who is with you?  Take the end of this day to contemplate your
life and be grateful for all you have. 
Complete the picture of your dream life as the sun sets.
How did that exercise make you feel?  Write down everything you can remember about
your dream home and your life 5 years from now. 
The more often you do this, the more your dream will begin to
manifest.  Also, doing it on a regular
basis is one way to guarantee that your dream is always congruent with your
current goals in life.  This exercise
will help you to take your dream and turn it into tangible goals.

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