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And the winner of Big Brother Nigeria 2017 is… Efeeeee!!! As the
voice of Ebuka, the presenter of BBN echoed all over the hall in South Africa.
Everybody seated in Lompus Cafeteria, Bowen University, Iwo Osun State, Nigeria
Jumped up and started screaming and yelling like they all supported him. Even
the ones that supported Bisola, Peer Pressure made them shout WARRI too. Na wa
oo. Well I was only still sitting, I couldn’t just stress my nerves shouting “winks”.
I was trying to form big girl and that was how one fat girl started running
towards where I was sitting and screaming warri with all her strength and
might. It was as if this girl did not even see little Pepe on her seat.

I was
just staring at her because she had tribal marks, and not just tribal marks but
Oyo state own, so I was wondering where warri was in her fat sweaty body and
did not notice she was already close to me. It was remaining just a step for
this girl to hit my seat, I did not stand but jumped up and started shouting
warri also as I ran to my hostel. I did not even wait a second more before fat
warri break my small head and had test the following day. I thought the celebration will end at the
eatery but that was actually a total lie. On getting to my hostel, at the
entrance I just saw one girl rolling on the floor and screaming warri like she
wants to defecate ooo. I was just confused that was how I heard her friend
shouting her name “Aderibigbe Morenikeji Sade” you better come and pack your
dirty clothes from my bed before you will be shouting warri like you even know
the full meaning of BBN. “Ahh my chest,” that was harsh. I could not just close
my mouth; I was pitying the girl on floor. I was smiling although wondering why
Bowen Students will not cease to amaze me. As I walked towards my room, I heard
some ladies arguing that Bisola deserve the 25 million not Efe like 25 kobo was
going to be theirs. I just hissed and went to wash some clothes after then take
my bath. Moving closer to the taps, I couldn’t just take my eyes off the girls
that sat on the stair case discussing Efe’s matter. One even said that the 25
million Efe won cannot buy a house in Banana Island. “haters be like…”


I fetched a bucket of water quietly
to have my bath trying to do ‘amebo’ while bathing. As I applied soap on my
face, I suddenly heard one girl screaming Warri with so much force as she ran
towards the tap, that was how she missed her steps, slipped and landed inside
the gutter. People started shouting and laughing Instead of me to have my bath
Jejely, I was trying to see the girl’s face when big foam of soap entered my
mouth like ice-cream. I could not cry, I quickly spat it out and poured water
in my mouth. The girl got up quickly and went into her room. I finished bathing,
started going towards my room, that was when I remembered that I had not
collected my notebook from a friend in D Block. I just picked my “Dansiki” wore
it, and started running to block hostel before the portals start shouting where
is pepe now.
People were just pissing me and
discussing “warri warri warri” which was unusual. I was supposed to be hearing
Pepe how are you normally but no, I was not even taken note of on the road. So warri
has taken over me; people don’t even know Pepe again now; see what money can
do? Abi Pepe you too go BBN na; these funny thoughts ran through my mind as I entered
D Block. At the entrance of D Block, I saw a beautiful, and rich-looking girl
saying with all seriousness that Efe should come and Impregnate her. Imagine! “Ahh,
Desperation is Bad o” I muttered to myself as I entered my friend’s room.
Passing through a particular room, I heard one girl telling her friends with so
much confidence that Efe lives not too far from her house. Na wa ooo, people
can claim celebs like ‘kilode’. Last I could remember, Efe is from a poor
background, so lives in a local or maybe rural area, if my guess is right. One of
her roommates was even screaming that Efe is following her on IG, that she
wants to die; please die if you want to and let us know how many of us are
going to remain to watch how Efe will spend his money, I stepped into my Friend’s
room before another girl say Efe is her boyfriend or brother, But what I saw in
my friend’s room baffled me. I saw about 12 girls shouting and screaming Efe,
Warri, Bisola around something which was on the floor but I couldn’t see the
thing. I just went to meet one of them to ask for my friend but I even doubt
she saw me not to talk of answering me. I just went back to sit on my friend’s
bed, waiting for her as I stare at what was on the floor which was one barbecue
I just laughed. I couldn’t imagine
them celebrating when even Efe has not started celebrating. As they were still
screaming and sweating profusely, a girl entered and was shouting T-Boss. I just
looked at her surprisingly, I wished she had remained in her room because
immediately she said T-Boss, all of them just kept quiet and one of the other
girls looked at her and said “well, I won’t blame you, see how you look
T-Bossish sef, that was how you said you cannot dance when you came to Bowen
but we saw you twerking during dinner party, better get out of here”. Wow, that
was so much. The T-Boss girl just eyed all of them, hissed and walked out
banging the door behind her. Almost immediately my friend entered and asked why
the girl banged the door like that, I replied: that one no be today’s gist. I collected
my book and started running to my hostel because it was almost time for
devotion, as this ran through my head; 


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