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When I was quite young, someone told me, “If you want
be really successful, find out what God wants to you to do with your life and
then dedicate yourself to achieving it”. 

At the time, I didn’t really like that
idea; I did not believe that my life could have any particular purpose; and I
did not think that anything God might have in mind would be of any interest to
me in any case. Gradually, I have come to believe that what that person said to
me, all those years ago, is true.
As human beings, we all share certain
basic wants and needs: we have need for food, water, shelter, safety, love,
respect and self-esteem. We all share an in-built tendency, as Freud stated, to
want to move away from pain and toward pleasure. This tendency is part of the
human condition for our own good; it keeps us away from harm and generally
helps us to make good choices. Most people settle for a pursuing a career that
satisfies these basic human wants and needs; and never really think beyond them
to what their life could be about.
Somewhere along the line, I came to
realise that what God wanted for my life, and what I wanted, were one and the
same thing. This understanding came after I had determined to find out what God
actually wanted me to do with my life. 
It was a profound moment for me. I
gradually came to understand my inner hopes, dreams and deepest desires as
being implanted by God. So pursuing God’s purpose for my life was, in fact, also
pursuing my own purpose. When it really came down to it, I finally realised
that I needed to look within to discover my own purpose; and once I had found
out what it was, it then became possible to dedicate myself to fulfilling it. 
So my message to you is simple: it is
time for you to wake-up! It is time for you to start thinking of your life in a
different way. It is time for you to fulfil your dream – whatever that may be.
That is why you are here on the planet right now. By finding and fulfilling
your own unique purpose in life you will be living your life to the full. 
It is my hope that you will begin to
see yourself as a special person, with a truly unique purpose in life – because
that is the truth!
by Will Edwards

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