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Perhaps nothing helps us
make the movement from our little selves to a larger world than remembering God
in gratitude. This movement can best be propelled in praise and worship, which enables an ability of divine expression that transcends words, and transform our
heart to a state of intense happiness that makes you dance in an unimaginable
            Friday 24th – Sunday 26th of march
was remarkable for Bowen University Students, the university hosted Pastor and Mrs. Philip Adika, a veteran music minister. Pastor Philip Adika, who upon collecting
the microphone on Friday 24th of march charged the atmosphere by repeatedly saying: “If it is God it must be good and if it is good it must be God” till most of the students in the chapel repeated after him.
            When your soul is saturated with God’s presence, it is like pouring twenty-one litres of oil, inside a container that can’t take more than three litres of oil. This kind of overflow was demonstrated by Bowen University students through dancing in three days and mostly on Sunday 26th of March,
some student left their seat and danced all the way to the alter.
            But the excited atmosphere changed when the vice-Chancellor of the university Professor Matthew Ojo came up and mention the name five students from Luke Hall, 300 level students and announced that the five students mentioned has been rusticated (without stating the period of time) which made it sound like an expulsion. The vice Chancellor said they were rusticated for stabbing chapel (punishable by three weeks’ rustication in Bowen University). The
students shouted and booed back in disagreement, Pastor Philip Adika Prostrated,
his wife knelt down begging the vice chancellor to reconsider, The Bowen Baptist Student Fellowship President, Miss Jim–George Owanemi Emmauella climbed the alter immediately and apologized on behalf of Final year students (who stood up in
unison) and the whole university students for the vice chancellor to reconsider.
            The vice chancellor did not say anything in reply to all the apologies rendered, so the chaplain, Rev Dr Humphrey Okereafor said the vice chancellor will PROBABLY make another official announcement on Wednesday 29th of March, during the Wednesday Worship service addressing the issue.
            BUT WILL THE VICE
Pastor Philip Adika is the director of Praise ‘N’ Joy ministry Inc. Based in Lagos Nigeria.
The ministry was founded in 1998 and raised by divine instruction to redeem the choir’s image and return her glory before Jesus’ arrival; to turn every sorrow into joy in every life, home and church via Praise/music and to prepare every choir and church for the heavenly mass choir.

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