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“If you want something
badly enough  you will get it.”
That’s right. If you really WANT something you will get
it. Desire is a force that cannot be easily stopped.
Think about your goal.
How bad do you want
Are you willing to
Under what
conditions will you give up?

If you want
something badly enough, then quitting is simply not an option.
You either
find a way or make one. You pay the price, whatever it takes.

You desire is the fire that heats you up to perform, to
excel. You know that a small fire cannot heat much; so it is necessary to have
a large and intense fire to heat more. That intense fire is your passion – your
burning desire to excel in anything.
If you are not sure if your desire is strong enough there
is a simple way to intensify it:
Take a piece if paper and write down all the reasons WHY
do you want to achieve your goal. List all the benefits you can imagine. The
more reasons you’ll find, the stronger your desire will get.
It is a good practice to read your list of benefits every morning. So you will stay
connected with your goal during the day, you’ll
more motivated and inspired.
“Desire overcomes
obstacles to success.
Desire makes molehills out
of mountains.
No matter what stands in the
way, it is moveable.”

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