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What does limiting beliefs mean?

Basically, you may have a mental block, a thought that tells
you that you cannot do or achieve your desired results.
You cannot take action
because of some….I don’t know…. reasons you might have in your mind.

The reasons could be that you are too old, young, poor, fat,
ugly, uneducated or whatever.
But how can you have a mental block to do something when you
haven’t even tried it yet!!!??
How would you know you cannot achieve it!!!??
How would you know that you cannot be a millionaire one day?
Who limits your beliefs?
Limiting beliefs are governed by 2 main influencers, the
environment surrounding you and the people you mix with everyday.
The Environment
The environment is the place you live, study, work, hang out
etc. When you were young, you attended school. What did the school teach you?
The school’s education is great but it does not teach
motivation and how to be successful.
The lessons in school are Math, Literature, English,
Science, etc. 
Knowledge is not power, knowledge + action = power.
But, you need motivation to support action. 
So, the equation should be :
knowledge + (action + motivation) = power.
How about the place you live in? If it’s clean, you will
automatically be a clean person as well. If it’s untidy, you will be a messy
person. Here is how the environment plays a part in limiting beliefs:
For example, John works in a company as a sales executive.
All his other colleagues normally earn $2,000.00 to $4,000.00 a month. Because
of this environment, it limits John to believe he cannot make more than
$4,000.00 because $4,000.00 is the maximum that anyone can earn.
But if you are to put John in an environment where all the
sales executives make $10,000.00 per month, do you think John will ultimately
make that same amount of money?
He probably would, because he believes he can make
$10,000.00 now.
If he can lift off the limiting beliefs, logically John will
be motivated to earn $10,000.000 each month with the support of the correct
People you mix with.
Look at those people you mix with everyday. Do you hear them
complaining about their problems or encouraging you for more success?
If you ‘buy into’ the thoughts and ideas of those people
surrounding you with their limiting beliefs, you may create your own negative
limiting beliefs because of the expectations of the people you mix with.
If you have motivated friends, you will feel motivated every
time you chat with them, right?
These limiting beliefs will give you the wrong impression
that you are not good enough or have the capability to achieve higher results
in life.
 And it stops you from
dreaming big. 
Let’s take the richest man on earth today, Bill Gates, as a
good example.
Even though there are rumors that say Bill Gates is NOT a
human, which I think is not true….he is just like you and me!
All ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results if
they can throw away the limiting beliefs that are blocking them unconsciously.
Here is your action plan:
First, destroy the limiting beliefs you have in your mind
right now. 
Write down the goal you want to achieve. Then, write down
all the limiting beliefs you have that are stopping you right now.
You cannot achieve the results you want because:
1.    you
are too young?
2.    you
are too old?
3.    you
are too poor?
4.    you
are too uneducated?
5.    you
have too much commitment?
List down your limiting beliefs.
Can you delete the limiting beliefs you have in your mind
now? If yes, take action and do it. 
See the results you get and work it out from there to
But sometimes you cannot destroy limiting beliefs because it
is not easy to change a belief system that has been engrained in your life for
Here is a way to destroy it:
You can destroy your limiting belief by not associating with
the negative references. What are negative references?
For example, let’s say you want to chat with a cute girl you
saw in a library. You wanted to get to know her better.
But because last time, you saw a guy that looked like Tom
Cruise being turned down by this girl, you thought you won’t stand a chance
starting a conversation with her.
If you are a guy reading this right now, you will be able to
associate with this simple situation I’m talking about.
Is there like a guidebook or regulations about how to talk
with the hottest girl in school? Am I missing something here, or is it just my
limiting belief that stops me from taking action?
It’s the limiting beliefs that stop us.
The above example is an example of the negative references.
What you did not refer to is, maybe, there was a guy that is not good looking
or rich but has managed to chat with her many times!!!
Here is another example:
But what you did not know is that there are other people who
are making more than $10,000.00 every month in the same business! This is the
good reference you must refer to so you can break your limiting belief.
Associating with positive references will anchor your
motivation so that you can have more confidence to take action.
When you have a wrong reference, you will not be motivated
to take action because you can only see the negative potential.
What you should do is, if you have this kind of negative
reference and start to feel unmotivated, STOP!!! Search for references that
have been proven to work for whatever action you want to make. Use the positive
references as your ‘stand point’ to hold up your belief system so that you are
convinced that whatever action you want to take, it is possible.
There are always positive references to motivate you if you
search hard enough. If you want to be an entrepreneur, don’t refer to people
that have failed in business and complained, but look at people like Michael
Dell, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, etc to boost your motivation. It doesn’t
have to be these multi millionaires as examples; it could be your friend that
has been successful in business as well.
There are always
positive references surrounding you.
Then, you might probably ask yourself, if he can do it, why
can’t I?
It may be your own fear or your own limiting beliefs that
are stopping you from taking action for success today.
By Patric Chan

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