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Flickering candles in the window ignite the pain within
Faltering footsteps, I now walk as memory seeps in
What can trigger one is strange and unrelated
But none the less here I am.

Night coverts me akin to the hidden
It folds in and holds me safe amongst its veil
No one knows I’m here, they can’t see in the dark, but I
Up past the streets that are lit I walk and into the
There is no one here, they fear the shadows where I play
I’ll stay here until I regain what the light took away.
My heart is calm and regular and the grass is cool and
The tree I rest my back upon tickles my skin
Night falls unto me I wait for the end of recall.
These terrors, these trembles of the soul bind me to the
A mind craven to the future held by yesterday’s riddles
An endless skip
And I’ll survive the night as I always do running from
sleep for in sleep
That’s where the memories creep.
by Julie

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