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My sunshine has come
I have blue skies again
If that was what it is every day,
Maybe we could be a little happier

Like the fountain of youth with everlasting beauty
Like the warm feeling of a summer morning,
Introduced by a kiss by a cool breeze
And a splatter of the morning dew,
To wipe the dreamful sleep from my eyes
My love,
Pouring like rain showers
As it rises and sets like the sun
With the promise of a new day
Blooming like a flower, with the symbol of renewal
Reaching near and far like the wind
Like the evening twilight
And the rustling leaves sighing my name
Making an endless existence of my life,
With the cloudy pillars of heavenly bodies,
A distant place, whence my Creator is,
The joy I feel within the depths of my soul which I have
Like the holy
temples of the Himalayas Is not that Bliss.


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