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Openness: characterized by an attitude of ready
accessibility about one’s actions or purposes
Receptiveness: willingness or readiness to
receive – especially impressions or ideas

Once you have committed yourself to
achieving your dream, you should begin to notice something rather odd starting
to happen in your life: the universe actually begins to help you to achieve
You just need to be Open-Minded – that is, you need to be ready
and willing to receive what the universe (you might prefer to say God) has in store for you. Some people
call this principle the Law of
but whatever you call it, it is quite true that you will
absolutely set in motion unseen forces which will definitely assist you with
the manifestation of your dream.
People, events and circumstances will be drawn to you that
will actually assist you in the achievement of your dream. You can probably
only fully accept this truth when you experience it for yourself; and once you
have committed to your dream, you will begin to experience it. Things will
start to happen: they may seem like co-incidence at first, but you are now
living in an altered reality.
As an example of this principle in action, let’s take a
brief look at the true story of Rudy Ruettiger. You may know that Rudy had a
dream. His dream – now the subject of a truly inspiring movie – was to play
football for Notre Dame. Everyone told him it couldn’t be done. But this is how
the universe helped him to achieve his dream.
When he was 22 years old, a friend bought him a Notre Dame
jacket, from a surplus store, for his birthday. When he gave it to Rudy, he
commented, ‘Rudy, you were born to wear this jacket!’. The words stirred
something deep within him; and so he boarded a bus destined for South Bend,
Indiana with the goal of meeting Notre Dame Championship football coach, Ara
Rudy had to enrol in Holly Cross Junior College to get his
grades up prior to ever being considered for Notre Dame. With nowhere to live,
he slept in the maintenance room; and after numerous applications and trials,
Rudy was finally accepted to Notre Dame and eventually made the football team
as a walk-on.
Rudy was not really considered good enough to make the team,
but he never missed a practice match and was there suited-up during the final
game of his senior year. Now everyone in the crowd knew of Rudy’s goal to play
for the team; and in the last play of the last game, the crowd started
chanting: Ru-dy! Ru-dy! Ru-dy! 
Coach Dan Devine was so moved that he put him into the game
in the last 27 seconds when he sacked the quarterback and was carried off the
field in triumph on the shoulders of the fighting Irish.
When you carry your own dream within, you too will be able
to touch the hearts and minds of the people around you in much the same way;
and it is a truly wonderful and uplifting experience when you find out for
yourself that the universe does indeed help you to achieve your goal.
by Will Edwards


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