This week’s food for thought is about understanding and being practical about your partner/acquaintance.

A lot of ladies don’t know this. A greater proportion of women wants to marry a rich man, celebrities, authorities, maybe because of money, but truth is, Can you pay the price? I have come to understanding that so many great people hardly have time for their family, can you cope? A lot of ladies will love to have been the wife to a great man like Donald Trump, But do you know he sometimes hardly sleeps? He sometimes may not have time for his wife? But there’s excess of money… What of his attention? A lot of ladies get to discover that money isn’t everything, when it’s already late. A man who is globally relevant might not always give you all the attention you need, what will keep you in those times is the love and passion you have for his vision and mandate and that brings me to this point: be a partner, friend, wife, husband to someone you understand the sacrifices he must make. Getting married to very great people isn’t a joke. Ask their wives. Being a people’s person isn’t easy. Many celebrities don’t spend up to three months in a year with their families. Can you cope that time because money can’t solve that one? Will you be able to cope when he’ll have to be away for months and as he’s getting back, he has another trip, and all that kind of serial engagements? Choosing a life partner isn’t easy Because a mistake there can ruin your purpose.

A man might be vision minded, passionate, ambitious, and rich and handsome and you wish to marry him but truth is, You can’t bear the burden of his mandate. You can’t endure it. Do you know what the wives of presidents and CEOs pass through? Do you know what the wives of great icons endure? It’s not by fantasizing about love from morning till night. If you’re thinking of marrying a great man, be ready to pay a great task in marriage. Myles Monroe when alive got over 800 invitations to speak in a year, How did he cope? How do you think his wife coped? It was because she was strong enough to bear the burden of her husband’s purpose. It doesn’t end at marrying a man with a vision. You must understand that as time goes, that vision will explode and he might not have so much time for you, you need to understand and adjust. This is also why a lot of celebrities have issues with marriage. I’m not saying celebrities shouldn’t have time for their family in the name of their vision but believe me no matter how much they spare, it can’t be much like an average man. Some of them hardly sleep. Although, no matter how great you become, always have time to be with your family but I doubt it’ll be every now and then you’ll be chanced. Money won’t change anything. Some ladies think when there’s money, marriage is better. Lol. Money sure helps but a lot women that married rich and great men wants to divorce because they can’t cope with the burden of his purpose.
This article applies to both sex. Marry the person whose burden of purpose, you can carry.


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