I have a little write up and it is today in history. December 12 seems to be known as a special day, with different occurrences over the years. Below are 12 occurrences or events that happened on December 12 
 December 12 has been known as a
normal date in December but there were history that were made on this same
  • December 12 1963 Kenya gained
    its independence from the united nations
  • 1901 Guillermo Marconi sent the
    first transatlantic( the letter “s” (***) in morse code) radio signal
    from Poldhu in Cornwall to st john, new found-land, Canada.
  • December 12,1946 united nations
    accepts 6 Manhattan blocks as a gift from John d. Rockefeller Jr.
  • 1915 president of republic of China, Yuan Shikai announces his intention to reinstate the monarch and proclaim
    himself emperor of china.
  • 1787 Pennsylvania becomes the
    second state to ratify the united states constitution, five days after Delaware
    becomes the first
  • 1800 Washington d.c. was
    established as the capital of united states of america.
  • 1870 Joseph h.rainey of the
    south California becomes the second black united states congressman , te first
    being Hiram revels.
  • 1781 american revolutionary war:
    second battle of the Ushanti. a British fleet led by HMS victory defeats a
    french fleet.
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  • 2012 sandy relief concert took
    place at the madison square garden and was on 20 international television
    network to raise money for the victims of hurricane in sandy.
  • 1897 belo horizonte, the first
    planned city in brazil is founded.
  • 1911 delhi replaces calcutta as
    the capital of india.
  • 1911 king george v. of the United
    Kingdom and mary of tecks are enthroned as emperor and empress of india.
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