While a bag containing Gold will be referred to as “a Gold bag”, the one containing dirty clothes will be called ” a wash bag, wash bin or even wash basket” and a container with nothing will likely be called “an empty container”

We are all containers, but what will be associated with us being a container is our content.
People tend to call us what they find in us.
Have you ever wondered why some people call you a happy, Selfless ,disciplined Lady and refer to another lady as ill- mannered .
The difference is in your CONTENT!
Sometimes, your content are gathered as a result of long periods of intakes which sprang from years of experience.
When you stay in a society that does not promote Happiness,kindness,Joy, you might find it so difficult to radiate Joy to the outside .

Have you wondered why Prof. Wole Soyinka will be referred to as “a man of substance” while thieves
Will be regarded as “men of the underworld.”
But they are both men? Why?
Because their content differ. While one is thriving on discipline, quest for knowledge and has garnered over a period of time – skills , the other has mastered the artistry of gun carrying , House plundering and blood shed.
One has actually invested positively in his content, which in turn has radiated and is still radiating satisfaction to people ,while the other finds succour in radiating Sadness, Pain and Sorrow.

Today,decide what you want to be called . Don’t just decide, make it a point of duty to acquire and invest in worthwhile contents
You are a CONTAINER!
you’ll be called by your CONTENT!!!

I’m a student of Bowen university Iwo, Department of Biochemistry.
I find succor in writing, particularly poetry. I write to express.
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