When you’re open to adventure, you’ve opened the door for
opportunities from unexpected places.  It
also means you’re excited and ready for anything. Ask yourself,  “Would my life be better with a little more
excitement and adrenalin flowing through my body because I’m anticipating great
things happening at any moment?”  
Be open to everything and attached to nothing.  Live your life by your own rules.  Have fun every day.  Have outrageous, creative friends.  Live every day like it’s your last.  These aren’t clichés.  This is your life.
After filing for divorce, I told myself I was going to be
bold and say yes to opportunities and try new things.  This lead me to selling many of what I
thought of as “prized possessions” and moving from my home in Palm Springs to
Mexico with my boyfriend of a few months. 
That definitely was a new adventure and quite outside my comfort
zone.  It was a good thing because I
really did need a pretty big jolt to get me out of my old patterns.  
Letting go of my possessions, I moved from a posh resort
area to a little town with one paved road with cows and other farm animals
walking in the street.  Totally changing
my lifestyle was a great adventure.  It
wasn’t easy or fun all the time, but it was the best thing I ever did.  
My life from that point on has been one adventure after
another.  We ended up getting married and
living in Mexico for the next 6 years.  
Today I am an author and speaker, I believe, because I made my life an
Be conscious of how you spend every minute.  Don’t waste your time with meaningless or
menial activities.  It may mean giving up
a certain amount of control and perfectionism so you can go with the flow.  Say yes to new opportunities. Learn to
delegate.  If you don’t like doing
something or don’t do it well, see if there is a way you can hire someone part
time to do it.  There are high school and
college students who work without pay for school credit.   Contact a school near you to see what kind
of programs they have.  
If you do a lot of things that could be done for minimum
wage, hire someone.  You’ll earn much
more than their salary with the time you’ve freed up.  First on my list were a maid, a bookkeeper
and a personal assistant.

Action Step Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

See things differently by releasing the rules you’ve set
for how you live your life.  By doing
this you’re allowing your brain to function in new ways.  Using “my life is an adventure” as an
affirmation allows you to handle life’s ups and downs in an easygoing, more
impersonal way.  
Spending time with kids is a great way to add adventure to
your life.  Have you every seen a 10 year
old that couldn’t find adventure in about 5 minutes.  Hang out with your kids for a day, doing
whatever they want.  Go crazy.  If you don’t have kids, I’m sure you know
someone who would be happy to lend you theirs for a day.  They may even be willing to pay you!
By Lynn Pierce 


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