Sadly  nobody is born with the ability to be mentally strong. It’s an art we learn. Either by means of past experiences or life just deals us a hard blow – the harshness of reality.
Nevertheless, being mentally strong is a necessity. Just like drinking water is essential for your body. As you build your body to be physically strong, you also have to build your brain.
What does it mean to be mentally strong?
Aurora .com defines mental strength as the ability to not complain, not waiting for someone else to pass the torch to, using failure as an appetizer for success. Mental strength also means seeing things through and then, doing it all over again and again and again.
In simpler terms, it means knowing what you want, being completely responsible for your actions and accepting the consequences that come with it. Ability to withstand anything life throws at you.
Ways to achieve that as an individual include the following:
1) Don’t fear alone time. Learn to enjoy your company.
2) Don’t dwell on the past. Nobody ever moved forward by remaining in the past. Let it go.
3) Do not feel as if the world owes you. It doesn’t, move on!
4) Don’t expect immediate results. Bear in mind that it is always a gradual process especially for something worthwhile.
5) Don’t worry about pleasing everyone. Do the best you can and be happy with yourself
6) Don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself. It doesn’t help in any way and it would definitely not provide a solution.
7) Don’t waste energy on things you can’t control. Keep it going, funny enough, those things have a way of sorting themselves out.
8) Don’t let others influence your emotions. You are in charge, selectively filter what others say.
9) Dont resent other people’s success. When you’re happy for others, you’re invariably calling good things to yourself.
10) Dont shy away from responsibilities. They build you up.
11) Don’t give up after the first failure. Keep trying.
12) Don’t run away from taking calculated risks. If not, success will be very far from you.
13) Quit over-thinking. Don’t waste time worrying about what should have been, what is happening or what could happen. Accept each day as they come, one thought at a time.
All these tips listed above will help you to be mentally strong and own your territory. You would also exude confidence, more people will be attracted and more people will be willing to associate with you because it sets you apart.
And for those of us who are already mentally strong, a re-examination will probably make you better at the game.
Source: Hanging with May
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