Bowen university unfolded in the morning sun

Like a fragrant flower among wild thorns
The nocturnal bats screeched in unison as one
Blindly finding their path with screeching tongues
Some faced their primary assignment aptly
They burnt night candle, paying the price
Sacrificing lots of ‘campus-flexing’ sagely
There gaze, only on the glittering prize
Love birds went wild like they took weed
As they felt magnetized, holding each other in duo
Courtesy officers flashed touch across the field
Truncating their happy moment with gusto
Ever dazzling and beautiful in their hostel
Each strived to be a noticeable ‘slay queen’:
For what the morrow holds none could tell
Life is a race and I definitely must win
Thousands trooped to the cross-shaped chapel
Some seek their God in spirit and truth
Others ignited there lone seven candle
But most went for it is ‘Bowen-civically’ must
Ever charming and handsome in their hostel
Each endeavored to be that ‘slay papi’:
Life is short, I must look colorfully well
For this is my moment, I must dress sanely
By Okunade Johnson Ade
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