She said in her dying bed
A state which human body
After death must undergo
Then he said in his affluence
Its converting public interest

For selfish private interest

Whether from birth or after death
Corruption is corruption but
Which of these is CORRUPTION?
The congenital flue that
Entraps the mind when one
Gets to bed with the Government
corruption is the disease it spreads 
like a pretty folking prostitute.
It has taken a dreadful deep bite 
Deep down our sole with a mark
As a gift like the Trojan Horse.
Our fathers argued they killed it
And it rose again like the Phoenix
Virtue and pride seized from our lip
The law now respecter of a few
As power enslaves our conscience
We no longer think for the right reason
Honour and law not on same line
Pride and justice have fallen apart
The Nation now in discombobulation
As our blood emptied from our vain
And replaced with bribes and lies
Our pride and value discomposed
Like a Rotten Banana  in a state 
Of absolute deceit and corruption.
No, I meant CORRUPTION!  yes
The first born of  absolute power.
The Arm in the coat is nolonger seen
As it eats the unity off our pledge
We rumble from coast to coast
Like a madman chasing nothing
We no longer wail from its stings
As it has become systemic
But its wealth is like a water
Poured in a black basket.
Who questions the structure
When change begins with you.
The peasants complain
The leaders do the same
But who then is corrupt?
The latter or the former?
It has gotten so so strong
That it fights back when threatened.
Bring back our corruption
Like the Chibok girls they said
Kill not the thief from our clan
He is nothing but our own
How do we fight this beast
When their is an interest in it?
An interest like the reason
One with white cloth runs 
Away from oil and one with oil
Runs away from white cloth.
Never have I seen an evil thing
Sorry for itself nor a man
Fighting himself in a street fight
So why do they fight something
Which they themselves  is guilty of?
Written by: Emmanuel Ikoromasoma


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I am from Rivers State and a native of Okirika. I attended New Era Brilliant College Borikiri, graduated of Rivers State University Port Harcourt were i studied Office and Information Management. I did a certificate program in Uniport in the Department of Theatre and film Studies. I love writing, dancing, and sport. I fell in love with poetry in my secondary school days and ever since poetry has changed my life. 
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