Hello. I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in such a while , was kinda in an accident so am just getting better.  Enough about that,  back to you guys getting fit and shredded, now for guys their are two means to getting shredded fast which are your work outs and your nutrition.  Same for females actually.
  So to do work outs. Now to get shredded you need to burn that fat underneath it skin to bring out the muscles, now to do that ain’t all that easy. Requires patience, consistency, determination, and being focused . Now that’s my favourite word when am at the gym FOCUS. You hear that from people like Dwayne Johnson (the rock). You gotta focus, back to how to lose that fat
 * reduce sugar or anything sweet drastically
* increase warm water
* reduce cold water
* stop being lazy
 Now no one said it was going to be easy.  Do these three things for a week consistently and you will see a change in your body even if it’s little.
  Now for those skinny guys who wanna build some muscle. Don’t be discouraged,  it’s possible. Have helped a lot of guys do that and I can help you to . Now to do that you gotta pack up some fat in your body while building them at the same time, but you need organic fat not high calorie nonsense like sweets and all . Your nutrients should include
 * lots of fat
 * lots of carbs and fibers like vegetables
* more protein
 Eat these set for a week now and do your basic training beforehand
 * press ups
* sit ups.
 Follow this rules and you will soon start getting shredded.
 Once again it’s your boy Manuel , feel free to ask me any questions you might have. Am here for you,  also feel free to leave suggestions on how to help you guys. Thanks a lot guys.

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