My life is such a pretense
Does it really make sense?
Just like this for instance
I have said nothing but nonesense
I have shown no prudence

All I want to be
Is really nothing as me
I am nothing like him
I am nothing as I seem

Real!Real! Real!
Can I ever this be
Someone once said
"A chameleon is not worse as thou art..
Your life and everything is but an act".
Reality is too raw,sore, core 
What if I'm not that strong 
I feel safe under the umbrella of pretense
And just watch the summer come with intense

Maybe me is not me
Maybe pretense is real me!

Fear hits my heart
To be real never will I
Nothing is interesting in I
I feel like a sored eye
And it comes down to a sigh

Me is too plain
Doesn't fly like a plane 
It moves rather like a train
But I therefore strain

Maybe not being me really is me
Maybe in that pretense is the real me
Cause I'm so much comfortable being 'not me'
Maybe Me is really not Me!

By Delight Nwaneri

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I'm a Writer, currently a Student in the university of Lagos(UNILAG)

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