Sorry I haven’t updated for two days or so now. But now that am here it’s time to give you the last plan. Building muscles doesn’t all mean going to the gym , so also is getting fit. All you need is your determination, now am going to state out work outs you can do on your own to develop your strength and at the same time get fit before going to the gym

Firstly we have the all famous press ups. This work out, goes all d way to your chest, abs, shoulders, waist thighs and all, most of you think it’s just a chest work out but it can also be a full body work out depending on how you do it
 Secondly the typical sit ups for your abs
Then the crunches .
Just these three workouts can blow your body to get as fit as possible,  as tight as you want it to be. It’s your boy Manuel. Here to help you get shredded, feel free to ask me questions and give me your complaints. Am here for you.

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