You let go of my heart in my darkest hour.
You hurt me most in the shower.
You claim to be there always,
You said u will run the race.
But you were never there.
Running endless race with my heels
Through all the pain I feel.
You held me down below my tights
Caressing me all through the cold night.
But you were never there.
You promised to be there to the end
My heart turned upside down, tears can’t amend.
Put all my trust in you,
You gave me in return lies.
Broken tears glistened like ice.
But you were never there.
Heartless being always unavailable.
After your dirty game on the table,
You were never there to wipe my tears,
Never there to vanish my endless tears.

 Never there and you
won’t be there.
By Adegbite
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As a Poet, I don’t
want anything but a place in everyone’s heart.
  Love you all

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