Love me for the house and grave
Love me gaily, fast and pure
Spoil me like there is no tomorrow
Struggle to have me by your side
Cherish me for something special
Reject diamond to have me
Tend me more than shepherds do
Honor me as kings are
I implore you to find delight in my gait
Many desire this flower
Of all, you were my choice
I plead, never under rate my person
This precious stone is the only one of its land
Favored is you that have me
I plead, cherish me incomparably
Brief is the time we have together
For when I’m gone
I’m gone not to return
I admonish you sincerely
Love me completely
Else, lose me completely
The choice is yours
I beseech you to love me
In and out of time
Together we build a nation
Of endless love
Let every single strand of my kinky hair,
Feel your affection

Make me your today and tomorrow.

By Adegbite Arinola
About Me  
As a Poet, I don’t want anything but a place in everyone’s heart.
  Love you all

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