According to Albert Einstein, if honeybees were to disappear
from earth, humans will be dead within four years
Let’s know why.
Approximately one third of our food depends on insect
pollination, majorly done by honey bees. So undoubtedly it can also be said
that a world without honey bees would mean a world without fruits, vegetables,
nuts and seeds.
However, this is not very much possible that human beings
would die within 4 years if honey bees disappear, as other insects might take
over the pollination work done by the bees.
Here are some adverse concerns if honey bees were eradicated
from earth.
If the farmers do not provide fields or orchards with enough
honeybees for pollination, the whole harvest can fail.Honey bees are the only
insects which produce the food eaten by humans. So, if honey bees disappear,
results can be deteriorating.Fewer bees mean no almonds, less coffee and less
alfalfa hay available to feed dairy cows.We may lose all the plants that bees
pollinate and all of the animals that eat those plants. Which means a world
without bees could struggle to sustain the global human population of 7
As stated earlier, it is not pretty much probable that human
beings would die within 4 years in the absence of bees, but the outcomes may
prove as sabotage to the human life.
However, bees are vanishing rapidly because of harmful
pesticides and chemicals. This practice needs to be ceased so as to preserve
human life and Mother Nature.

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