If i was your lover
I would move heaven and earth to see a smile cover your face .
I would write with my own breath to make ma words a part of me u can feel .

If i was your lover
I would trust you and forget of my own heart that has been broken before
And damn did it hurt like hell.
If i was your lover i would love you like i have never loved before .
I would make u my first love for your love would erase the pain of yesteryears .

If i was your lover my heart would beat in rythm with urs
Like  lyrics go hand in hand with an artist’s voice .
I would make each day our first day and butterlies would still fly in my stomach .
I would fill your days with love true and tender
Our love would paint the most unique of potraits .
If i was your lover .


My every smile would pronounce your name  I would be the never-ending quote .
Words would fail to sum up your worth ,they would be meaningless.
Rather i would take your hand and take you dancing under the moonlight barefeet .
I would let you into my soul and you would drink from ma cup of love again and again.

If i was your lover i would you love inside out ,inside out .
Our love would show the power behind three little words “I LOVE YOU “.
I would kiss the pain away/my arms would offer you sweet comfort.
And if strife would ever visit you ,my words would soothe your soul gently .
And if you would fall ,i would pull you up and whisper softly “Lean on me my love and try again “.
For i would know you would do the same for me .
If you were mine
I would carry our love like a flower carries its scent nomatter how much the wind blows .
Ours would be a solid fragrance .
You would find honesty in my every touch .
I would ignite and stir you unleashing the passion deep within you .
Our love making would be explosive like fireworks yet gentle and tender at certain intervals .
Your scent would be tatooed deep into ma skin .
If i was your lover i would find ways to make your days brighter and better.
I would love you like i have never loved before.



The above poem is based on a future lover .

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