The most terrible day
The day no eye has seen
The day no eye can see
The day beyond our dreams

Who has ever seen tomorrow?
Or can hint to us the cloth it’s clad?
They pin our hopes in tomorrow
But no eye has
ever seen the ray Of the long-awaited day.
Our celebrated Solomon says:
Man is the offshoot of the distorted ape,
Earth dances round the legless sun,
Earth steals the shape of the poor sphere
And more,
The sermons of the wise. 
But for “tomorrow” all the sage mouths shut.
In this stinking slums,
Where my dangling legs
Are hanged to my lice-ridden head,
My bloodless eyes see only today
And hear about tomorrow
Whose sun has never woken
They acceded to the throne
Brimming our ravenous hearts
With fusillade of promises and hopes
To dry tears from every eye
To provide eyes for every blind,
To give legs to the lame
To give ears to the deaf
To give mouths to the dumb
To give hairs to the bald
All to be done tomorrow
We drummed and danced
Celebrating our brothers
In khaki and Agbada
Whose words we swallowed
Without water
But a century has gone
The lame are still waiting
The blind are still waiting
The sick are still waiting
The deaf are still waiting
The dumb are still waiting
Hasn’t the day “tomorrow” come?
When will it come?
Emmanuel Ejike Abraham. 

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